Paint & Tile

1.) Please attach photos if at all possible. If you can send photos and detailed information I can
usually give you a rough estimate and information pretty quickly by email. Please send photos as
individual attachments so I can open, resize and rotate them if necessary. Attachments to:

2.) If you need painting please tell me what you want to paint: just the walls, or doors, trim and
ceilings as well, and the size of the apartment or home. Are repairs needed to the walls?

3.) If you need tile work done, what is the substrate if you know, does old tile need to be removed
or is the surface ready to tile, and the size and type of tile you want to install, the smaller the tile
the more labor intensive the job, many more cuts are required.

4.) If you need a complete apartment or home remodeling or commercial work, we can do that as
well, including flooring. We are experts at kitchen and bath rem
odeling and have completed over
50 remodels of each

5.) Please complete all fields and provide detailed information about work needed, including
when you would like to have the work done. I am happy to answer any questions you may have
and will call you if you like if you have questions about the best way to proceed with your project,
or just need general advice on a project or on management company paper work and requirements.
You can find helpful information in the links on the home page.
6.) Please include your phone number.          

     On site estimates are available Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 5 :00 PM.


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